Beeweaver Honey Farm

(512) 535-2219 16481 County Rd 319, Navasota, TX77868
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Navasota, TX 77868

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Sun - Wed (12PM - 4PM), Thu (9AM - 4PM) and Fri - Sat (9AM - 5PM)

For more than a century, honey has been running through 5 generations of the Weaver family veins. What began as side job for Binford's grandparents, Florence and Zachariah, after acquiring ten bee colonies as a wedding gift in 1888, has become a passion and livelihood for the four generations of Weavers that followed. Starting in the 1920’s through 1994, Weaver Apiaries produced queens, packages, and honey for customers worldwide. By 2000, BeeWeaver became 100% treatment free. Today, Laura and Dan Weaver continue the BeeWeaver Honey Farm operation. Dan's work on bee selection has enabled them to keep bees like Great Grandpa did - no mite controls and chemical free. In 2016 they opened a retail beekeeping supply store and gift shop at their headquarters in Navasota.