Public Art (1-6)

Navasota, TX 77868, ,
art_4Navasota, TX 77868
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  • 1. Mance Lipscomb Park
  • 2. 129 TX-105
  • 3. 40 Old Millican Rd
  • 4. 9238 Highway 90 S
  • 5. 314-342 E Washington Ave
  • 6. 200 McAlpine St


1. "Mance Lipscomb Statue" In 2005, the Texas Legislature named the city "The Blues Capital of Texas," in honor of the late Mance Lipscomb, a Navasota native and blues musician. You can visit Mance's statue on La Salle Street.

2. "The Navasota Music Mural" The Navasota Music Mural is located in the alley way in the 200 Block of Washington Ave. and depicts the history of music in Navasota.

3. "LaSalle Statue" The LaSalle Statue can be seen in the 400 block of East Washington Ave. LaSalle, a French explorer, has a strong connection to the history of Navasota

4. "Rattler Statue" Rattler Statue can be viewed at Rattler Stadium, home of the two-time state football champions, the Navasota Rattlers.

5. "Welcome to Navasota Mural" The Welcome to Navasota Mural can be found in the 100 block of South LaSalle. The mural depicts the various historic views of Navasota.

6. "Frank Hamer Statue" Frank Hamer was a famous Texas Ranger that was involved in tracking down Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker in 1934. Hamer's history ties with Navasota when he served as the City Marshall in the early 1900's. The Hamer statue can be seen at the Navasota City Hall, 200 E. McAlpine.